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2024 Transition Team

The Transition Team (whose primary focus is to enable the Messiah community to articulate our strengths, weaknesses, and ministry opportunities) has been established. The Transition Team will interact with congregational members to enable the publication of the Ministry Site Profile (affirmed by the congregation on May 19) which will be made available to all pastors interested in serving Messiah. 

During worship for several weeks, from February to April, the Transition Team will speak with the congregation and pass out a short questionnaire with new questions each week. The following week, the results of these questions will be shared with the congregation and a new set of questions will be asked.


We want to hear from as many people in the congregation as possible, whether they are able to join us for worship in church or not. All our voices will help us find a new pastor for Messiah. We will add the new weekly set of questions on this page below for those who were not present in church. Simply click on the link for any week you haven't had a chance to respond to, and you will be directed to the form to fill out. (This is anonymous - we do not collect any personal information.)

Thank you for taking the time to submit your responses to the Transition Team.

Please pray for the Transition Team.

Members: Alissa Brekke, Marlene Buker, Jerry Crest, Bill Halstead, Lynn Klaber, Briana Parr-Baker, Sarah Suskovic

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